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Place: Europe
Year(s): 2017-2021
Sector: Biomass & Bioenergy

BECOOL - Brazil-EU Cooperation for Development of Advanced of Lignocellulosic Biofuels

BECOOL is a H2020-funded project fostering cooperation between Europe and Brazil with the aim to develop advanced biofuels (from sustainable agricultural value chains) based on ligno-cellulosic biomass. Hence, BECOOL activities are aligned to those of BioVALUE (the twin project in Brazil) for implementing R&D activities spanning from innovative biomass production and logistics, to efficient conversion pathways and exploitation. In Europe, biofuels are mainly produced from cereals, but their substitution with lignocellulosic biomass is at the door. In order to guarantee the use of innovative crops, appropriate agronomic techniques and newly conceived logistic systems are needed. In BECOOL they will be both analysed and innovative biomass conversion processes in biofuels, based on the integration between thermo-chemical and biochemical processes, will be developed as well.

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