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ETA-Florence Renewable Energies professionally assists its customers in:

  • Design, installation and monitoring of renewable energy plants in urban, industrial and rural contexts, isolated or connected to the grid;
  • Applications to improve energy efficiency;
  • Demand-side management;
  • Sustainable Design;
  • Complete energy analysis;
  • Economic-feasibility studies and finance management;
  • Bioenergy strategies.

The ETA-Florence Renewable Energies team, composed of qualify ed professionals and technicians with experience in the field, offers local authorities and entrepreneurs a consultancy service for all levels of requested technical performance:

  • Feasibility studies for the realisation of biomass plants;
  • Finding partners in the agricultural and industrial fi eld for the creation of local supply chains;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Final design;
  • Supervision of progress;
  • Assistance in requesting public funding;
  • Assistance in acquiring private financing.

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies offers its expertise to provide the most efficient solutions by developing action plans and suitable evaluations of economic, legal, financial and social components which characterize the feasibility of a project.